Prices for food "RODA"

The basic layout included:

  • Water-resistant countertop with postforming
  • Soft closing hinges
  • Drying
  • Hettich Drawer Units
  • Skirting the color countertops
  • Frame with PVC edge 1mm
  • Plinth

Given the current trends, we decided to designate prices for kitchen furniture.

* Please note! Average Price listed in the section on Russia and CIS countries. The exact value of your built-in headset, you can learn to create an individual design project in the kitchen studio 'Maria' in your town. Furniture factory "Maria" communicates with its customers through partner retail network, respectively, to calculate the kitchen and buy headsets to order you can in the kitchen studio, geographically convenient for you.

On the installments provided in the form of registration of consumer credit for a period of up to 10 months. "Maria" The company gives a discount on the amount of interest set in the amount, and therefore the amount of money to be paid to the bank does not exceed the cost of the furniture. This offer does not constitute a public offer.

40 th.100 th.
from the 8200 UAH per month *
total 23 777 UAH
from the 8200 UAH per month *.
total 23 777 UAH

Have you wondered how much built-in kitchen "Maria"? Perhaps you had thoughts that the products of our brand will be more expensive than you can afford? To create a clear picture of the cost of the kitchen "Maria", we acquaint you with the prices for the basic layout of our furniture.

You can view and make sure that "Maria" - a quality kitchen furniture at a price affordable to almost everyone. The estimated cost will help determine the choice of model, built-in kitchen, will provide preliminary data for budget planning. You are free to make an approximate calculation for kitchen furniture, appliances, increasing or decreasing the base price, depending on the required size.

To get more accurate information will help service for online transfer. To do this, you only need to fill out an application and assigned the task to create a free design project our specialist. The result of his work will be 3D-sketch with a complete layout for the price of each item, which is part of the built-in headset. Using online payment dishes to order, you can vary the complete set of furniture, appliances, achieving an optimal combination of price and functionality.

The consultants of the company "Maria" - the main source of information about our product range for you. You can ask them any questions and find out what is the basis for calculating the price of food order and what factors to a greater extent it is affected. If you decide to go directly to the kitchen studio, plan your time. Designers need at least 1.5-2 hours to do the calculation fitted kitchen.

We understand that ordering a new kitchen furniture and appliances - an important decision, which is of great importance for you and your loved ones. This information will allow the design kitchen with all your wishes and will help to avoid unnecessary costs.

Presenting your attention the basic layout of "Maria" kitchens:

These options sets and furniture sets of built-in equipment are examples designed to help you sort out the price range model of interest. This basic layout is a fully equipped kitchen, which will serve as a convenient reference point for planning kitchen furniture budget. You can buy the kitchen of economy class to order, which will meet all your needs.